About Us


As global tyre manufacturers face with increased manufacturing cost and mounting competition, it is essential to improve the product quality consistency, increased production rate while decreasing the wastage and cost.

At NEWERA, we worked closely with our customers and understand that product quality consistency and productivity improvement could only be achieved by high quality and automated equipments. Therefore, we provide solutions and equipment to tyre manufacturers with the latest proven global technology, in the aim to improve tyre quality, increase productivity, reduce wastage and at the same time improve factory environment and safety.

In high volume tyre manufacturing, productivity improvement and downtime reduction has significant bottom line impact. Therefore, we worked closely with our partners, and together with our dedicated sales and service team, we provide excellent pre and post sales support. And with this we ensure that our customers will always have our support to reduce downtime and maximized the equipment capability.

“Our Mission, Values and Promise” will ensure our customers continuous growth. Together, we inspired growth.